Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Show-Off: August 8, 2010

Happy Sunday!  Even though Saturday is my favorite day of the week, Sunday is a close second, especially when we have set aside most of the day for housework and some glass in the cool morning...

I love sculpting animals, and it's been awhile since I made new fish.  A recent purchase of a fish pushed me to make new, fancy fish, so feast your sleepy Sunday eyes on these!

Glass Fish Frenzy - New Fish Pendants

Can you see the koi in the upper right corner?  Yes, he blends into the white background all too well...  That's OK, I've photographed him separately too!

Koi on Black Background

I wanted to start making koi fish so that I can send one to my sister for her birthday next month... Luckily she's a busy woman and doesn't keep up on my blog :)  This isn't the one I'm sending her though, as hers is the fanciest one I don't want to tease people with it since this little guy is almost as fancy.  All of these are currently available, but that can change as they find good homes, so I will keep making new fish as we enjoy the busy summer show season.

I'm working on other animals lately, furthering our inventory of unique glass art creations, with the recent addition of an owl, whale tail, crab, and a baby seal.  If you can think of an animal you'd like to see in my style of glass art, please email me or mention it when you come see our booth at the Farmer's Market :)  Meantime, more to come as I get better and better at my exotic critters! Thanks for reading, and have a great week, folks!


  1. Oooh, love your little fish! Now I have to check out your studio to see if you make these as stitch markers. If not, have you considered doing that? I would love some cute stitch markers for my crochet.

  2. Thanks Laura! Stitch markets, eh? Do you like them on split rings (keychain-sized) ?