Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fire Divas Quarterly Challenge: The Holiday Season!

So many of you know I belong to a glassy ladies group called the Fire Divas.  We all share a love of glass, and the group collectively creates some really awesome stuff.  Well, part of what we do is showcase the designs that our connoisseurs/customers create using our glass art beads and pendants, and you may be interested to know that the holiday challenge is coming up.  Tell you more? Ok!

The Holiday Season Challenge for jewelry designers is the next Quarterly Jewelry Challenge the Divas are hosting, and it will feature YOUR work if you submit it in time.  Check out this page for more information.  The Holiday Season Challenge can be any of your favorite designs that reflect the holidays coming up, not just Christmas.  So... sift through your lovely designs (or make some new ones with our fabulous new beads!) and submit those photos.  There are some great prizes offered to the winners, such as $20 and $25 gift certificates to Fire Diva shops!  This is all for just submitting your designs, so really you have nothing to lose except a little time you'll already spend surfing the net :)

I'm speaking to the general "you" of my awesome readers, and also those nice folks who recently purchased beads such as these:

Teal/Red and Purple Twisted Squares Bracelet
Although this is a bracelet I made with custom colors for a client, there were other colorful beads in the set that were selected by some artistic designers from my shop recently, so you know who you are, get beading! :)

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