Monday, January 17, 2011

January's Newest Critters

Yes, I've been remiss in updating you folks of our progress for a few weeks, so below are my latest new creations that are also listed in my ArtFire studio:  First, my newest mint green sea turtle, with my favorite color theme and lovely frit added to his flippers.  Then, a detailed glass cat pendant complete with little pink nose, and finally a new butterfly, since my customers love the butterflies :)

Of course my turtles are probably one of the most fun things to make, but it's good to have the challenge of trying to make a cat that isn't obese (hard to do when your models are pretty chubby!), and a butterfly with antennae that curve just-so.  More updates later, I promise!

Mint Green Implosion Sea Turtle Pendant
Black Cat Glass Pendant

Red/Amber/Cream/Purple Striped Wing Butterfly Pendant