Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 New Listings, Hot From the Kiln!

After my recent brush with death (ok, so it wasn't that dramatic, but it was closer than I've been in years!), I finally got back to the studio (unsupervised, too!).  You and I do enjoy our glasswork, and I'm sorry for dropping off the map, but you understand, right? :) 

I've been making some neat beads lately, but they're for a project that's still top-secret, so no peeking at those today... But I do have three newbies on the fire block: Spiral Bee, Grey Rhino and Whale Fluke!

Spiral Bee Pendant on ArtFire

Grey Rhino Pendant on ArtFire

Whale Fluke Pendant on ArtFire

Yay for glass time!  Now if I can finish my beads soon, perhaps I'll get to show and tell with those... Otherwise, stay tuned.  Have a great Saturday and final day of March! :)