Saturday, July 18, 2009

Artfire and Salsa!

Good evening! Today's topics: Salsa and my new love: Artfire!
I'm on a salsa-making kick, and this new batch tonight is #8 in the last month or so. I toned down the onion and garlic for Paul, but it's still pretty good. I'm so into fresh salsa now it's ridiculous. I'm off to make the new batch of enchiladas after I post this...

On to my new love, Artfire. I've been on Etsy for less than a year and am already sold on Artfire's upgrades since I checked in out in December. It was a bit clunky then, but has since made serious improvements with cool new features still on the way. It is still a very young site, but already has addressed's shortcomings in its first year of existence.
ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

I've set up shop over there and put most of my attention into it these days. I had a problem with a buyer's shipping fee and they had addressed my concern on the forum on a Thursday night within 6 minutes of posting. This is Staff we're talking about, being responsive and helpful. They got to the root of the problem and even have a phone # you can call during regular business hours. It's my new home on the web, since you can also link to your blog and other online goodies straight from your online Fusion Studio :) We've even got an updated website: , and the Online Shop link takes you to our shop. Very cool. They are a great asset to handcrafters everywhere, and I hope you check it out after being here. Thanks!