Saturday, August 28, 2010

Remnants of Fruit!

So much of my inspiration comes from nature, that my yard is always a source of interest :)
We had loads of delicious fruit, and luckily some is still around!  I'm fine with fruit on the ground if someone is still eating it...

This bee had a huge appetite!

The great part about grazing insects is that I get to observe them up close while they're distracted...

This threesome stuck around for a group photo, but I can't guarantee they survived after the photo shoot...

And this little guy is still guarding my plums from other would-be assailants

Well, I can't leave you with a spider in mind, so enjoy this photo of a cluster of grapes from our little slope :)  Someday we'll have enough for a glass of wine!
In the meantime, they do make a tasty snack...  Plus I can work on my grape cluster design!

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