Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Showing Off: New Insect Series Additions

Happy Saturday!  My favorite day of the week, it never disappoints.  I'm reading a book currently called "The Art of Time" and I'm learning about the difference between real time and perceived time, where we think a year goes by faster as we age.  It's pretty well written, and as I make my way through it, the book reminds us to live in the present, as it's the only place we really can be.  Embracing that idea, Paul and I are enjoying our weekend, and I've even managed to get some work done photographing my new insects and listing them :)  Here are three new critters to enjoy, and I think a good variety.

Once it gets too warm outside today, I'll continue reading my book.  Do I really have time to read about time? We'll see!

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