Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lizard Completed!

Since I mentioned the little fella was inspiring me in a previous post, I feel compelled to share him with you in all his glass lizard-goodness.  Here's my new favorite, my Dark Blue & Teal Striped Lizard Pendant:

Blue & Teal Lizard Pendant

And from a different angle:

I know, the toes seem a bit gangly, but honestly I just wanted people to know right off that he's a lizard, and not a gecko like my previous lizard that had short stubby toes :)

As with my typical glass art animals, if folks know what it is right away, I have done my job :P

So for the early cat sculpture that was mistaken for a kangaroo... sorry about that little guy.  At least you're in good company with the bunny-chihuaha:
He gets mistaken for a chihuahua too often, so I must make new ones someday :)  
I'm working on some great new animal designs, ones you haven't seen in glass before (or at least I've never seen them!), so stay tuned...