Monday, July 19, 2010

I Miss The Foxes :(

Well, we have a foxy visitor that would come nap in our yard from time to time, and he first appeared a year ago. The cats would usually tip us off to his arrival in the back yard, with them scrambling to the top of the cat furniture at the window to catch a glance. We love seeing the fox in the back yard, and his presence keeps away other animals. Last year he was solitary, although it seemed like he might have a girlfriend from time to time. We couldn't get any proof, as he has the requisite fear of man, and we want it to stay that way for his own safety.  Here's the glass fox I made last year after his inspiration:

This year he brought three pups/kits with him, and it was really exciting to see them playing together in the yard. They got a little raucous at night time, and they hunted pretty often, but they were very cute and did a GREAT job keeping the rodents in check. I couldn't confirm where they were living, but it was nice having them visiting and catching the rats and ground squirrels in the neighborhood.

See how cute they are?

 I didn't get a lot of great shots of the daddy fox, but the boys are almost identical, just smaller.  Here's one of them up near the top retaining wall:

See he's not that big compared to the wall blocks, but very healthy looking with a wonderful coat.  I know they were eating well because we saw their successful hunting, and they left "evidence" of healthy digestion in some piles in the back yard too!

Well, one of our neighbors called to let us know there was a fox in the back yard, and that was pretty much the beginning of the end.  The neighbor has a small Yorkie dog, very sweet but tiny, and I'm sure they called Animal Control and had the foxes relocated.  I don't blame them, as they were just doing what's best for their dog, but Paul and I sure miss the foxes.  The past few nights, a skunk has come traipsing around and the stink got in the house from the open windows, something that didn't happen when the foxes were around.  Also, a rat has taken bold residence near the peach tree, and has been nibbling several peaches to see if they're ripe. 

The foxes were good entertainment and good pest control.  They shall be missed.  I hope wherever they are, their family is safe and happy.


  1. awww - too bad about your little neighbors. those little ones were cute!

  2. We had a fox family in our neighborhood, too! I've been wanting to make a glassy one for a while now. I LOVE yours!

  3. Thanks guys :)
    Make one Lauren, I'll bet it will be sooo cute!
    They are really fun to watch, and we were careful not to try to get close to them, tempting as it is.