Friday, June 11, 2010

A Visitor in the Studio: Fresh Inspiration!

Our studio is a delightful place for Paul and I, and now for lizards!  Just kidding, though we did just have a visitor briefly adorn the wall behind Paul's torch. 

It was a fun surprise that delighted and distracted me for several minutes, causing me to somewhat inconvenience Mr. Paul as he was working on a project.  He was a great sport about it though, and I got some nice photos to share with you :)

He crawled down the wall and surprised us at first, then climbed back down, then up again!  He had a hard time deciding what to do, but we were really just glad that he avoided crossing the wall in front of the flame.  Maybe his cute little feet felt the heat on the wall... He does have a really long tail, which I can only assume is his original tail.  I like this pose, and he may serve as good inspiration for my next lizard pendant...

You know you want more!  Here are some good shots of his cuteness on the wall behind the glass rods and with his tail wrapped around a glass tube on the bench...

See he's checking out our glass rods... I think he was eyeing the Momka's Lustrous Blue :)

One with the tube-wrap for good measure before the full studio shot:

I really like his tail, and hope that he keeps it safe from the neighborhood cats.  Here's a final shot of my messy bench's many jars of glass rods around Mr. Lizard.  Hope we'll have more visitors, because this was fun and refreshing!

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