Saturday, May 15, 2010

Suspicious Mole!

Well, there's something chewing up our garden goods but it's so overgrown right now with the issues we've been dealing with that they can have it for now.  Munch away if you must, your time will come in mid-summer, Mr. Mole or gopher, you sneaky bugger...

But I digress; this post is actually intending to link you curious types to an interesting page created by Mollie's Fund, an organization set up to raise awareness about melanoma in honor of Mollie Biggane.  She passed away at the early age of twenty; just six months after being diagnosed with melanoma.  Here is a page giving you a few tips on the ABC(DE)s of suspicious moles.

What I also found interesting is that there is a Pepsi Refresh project that is asking for votes to decide which worthy causes will get grant funding.  Check it out here and vote if you see something worth speaking out for.  There are some screwball ideas asking for funding, so maybe it's worth a few minutes just to click click click to help get funding to go somewhere it deserves to be.  Have a relaxing Saturday evening :)

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