Sunday, May 2, 2010

Friday: Farmer's Market!

Ok so it's a little past Friday, but we have a big show this weekend, so it was bound to happen ;)

We normally attend the Riverside Certified Farmer's Market (on Arlington x Madison) every other Friday, but we threw in one more for those customers wanting something special of ours to give for Mother's Day.  Can't say what we're giving our moms for Mother's Day (because they might read it here), but it's bound to be good.  It's difficult to keep trying to top it each year though.  Moving right along...

The weather was lovely, albeit a bit gusty, and we had a great day.  We did, however, become famished as it approached the noon hour, and Paul could not contain himself any longer; Here's a photo of him munching on the end of a Jalapeno Cheese loaf (PRICELESS!):

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