Monday, April 26, 2010

Man is this flame HOT! This photo is a new one of me working on a large custom order. It’s good to push the limits of what we are able to create, and for that reason I am happy to make this request a reality. It just takes so much time, my shoulders were aching halfway through. You know that point where you are knee-deep into something and start second-guessing whether you should have embarked on that road at all? This is where I was, though in the photo I am nearing the finish line on this particular cane. Why can’t there be a snooze button on everyday tasks? Just putting them off without a button isn’t as satisfying ;)

Also, I’d like a Ctrl-Z function for regular life. That would be great. Thanks :P


  1. Look at you go girl!! Great photo!!

  2. Thanks! My shoulders stayed sore for several days but it's going to be so worth it :)