Sunday, April 4, 2010

Art for the Animals : Riverside Animal Shelter's Art Fundraiser

The timing may be different than their usual pre-Christmas affair, but the cause is the same:  Art for the Animals is the yearly Riverside Animal Shelter's premier (in my opinion) fundraising event.  It involves artists across various mediums donating their works of art for an online auction and competition.  I'm not interested in the competition, since I think I'm the only glassworker that donates, and I don't think it translates into competition with the very talented painters who put their hearts and souls onto canvas.  We do it for the cats and dogs (and other assorted adoptable animals) at our local shelters.  100% Of the funds raised from selling ours and others' art gets put towards creating a better environment for these temporarily-between-homes animals.  See flyer and website Here.

So in line with that, what should we donate?  I have some choice pieces available to bring in under the wire on Monday, but I was hoping to make something different, new, fresh -- for the kitties.

Our own two kitties were once from the Riverside shelter, and are now in the lap of kitty-luxury.  Well, at least they get plenty of food, tons of lovin, fake mice that squeak, rattley plastic balls to play with, and a nice cat-condo-like piece of carpeted furniture from which they may gaze out upon the hummingbird feeder and backyard.  Yep -- this is the life...

Back to the studio now, but check out their website if you want to visit the online auction once things get underway.  It's a great way to add a new piece of fun art to your decor while simultaneously helping those animals in need.  How can you say no to a face like that?

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