Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Matters Most, and How You Need to Get Back to It

There are tons of books on organizing, prioritizing, getting things done, time management, and that sort of thing.  You've probably read lots of them too, and are perhaps even burnt out from some point of all the "useful tips" these books offer.  A friend of mine (who proclaims she's had plenty of it too) had work send her to time management training years ago, when planners were all the rage, and that actually did stick -- she still uses it to this day (forsaking even her smartphone and tablet, no less).  At the same time, she is still dissatisfied every week (and many days in between) at the fact that she still didn't get the things done that she'd hoped for.  Why are so many of us still swimming, yet never arriving on dry land?  If we are all perpetually drowning, who's going to pull us out of the water?  Hey, I like to dog-paddle as much as the next gal, but there are times when we need to start swimming, and in specific directions.  This is the kind of thinking I feel is good for Sundays....

Getting to the point: While it's great to learn about time management, we need to remember to continuously assess which direction we're going instead of going the same direction we are already headed.  As either Einstein or Rita Mae Brown said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results." Aside from planning to use an insanity plea in the future, why do we continue the same efforts and expect better?  Identify what is important in your life, and what makes you happy, and make time for those things.  Not later, but now.  Just a little bit.  Be happy right now (or make time for it today).  We truly can't live in the future, as it will get here and we'll still be waiting for the next thing coming.  Serenity now! :P

I like hiking: it's nature combined with exercise (which I desperately need), what could be better?  It's Paul's fault, he got me hooked on it.  It's also important to find something you love doing that your partner also enjoys (like glass, hiking, etc.).  I also love eating good food that someone else cooked, but sometimes that hobby can get expensive! ;)
So get out there!  Figure out if your current direction is the right one, and make time to be happy now.  No one else will do this work for you, and if they do -- I don't trust them... :)

Footnote: Yes, this is still my blog on glass art, but more importantly it's partly to describe the (not-so-creative-at-times) journey through it, and how it ties into the other aspects of a (what I consider) successful existence.  At least, that's the direction I think it may go.  Come on, haven't we all been tempted to change the direction of our blogs?  There are so many abandoned blogs out there that I wonder how many folks just gave up because they ran out of things to say on their chosen topics, instead of trying to slightly alter the direction.  Well, today's post is more about direction than glass, and if you only read here for glass goodies, please forgive the change, and I will of course still post glass goodies as the general theme.  Just mixing it up today. :)