Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring? Almost!

Spring is here! Or at least it will be this weekend, which is as good as here for me. :)
I need to design some new Easter glass pieces, as right now I have mostly just crosses and bunnies. Don't get me wrong, our crosses are awesome, but the bunnies can probably use some more work. I need to make white ones, those might do well. Also, Easter eggs, though that kinda throws me off since I can't make the Jesus-Easter-egg connection in my head. Oh well, maybe just crosses and bunnies again this year! Let Jesus sort the eggs out... you know he'll be fair with them.

With Spring comes the need to weed-whack. Yes I have a garden, and yes I have a ton of weeds. Anyone want to volunteer? I think I'm holding out on the gardening until Paul finds a great job, that way I can pay someone to clean up the yard and trim all the trees, instead of us having to get out the unwieldy 32 ft. ladder and the jimmy-rigged pole-saw-on-a-longer-pole--saw-with-stabilizing-super-strut-arm... That thing's just plain dangerous! Yet effective.
Today's blog's photo? My new favorite wicked flower pendant. It combines my tried-and-true (yes, I'm enjoying hyphens today) design of wicked vines with a new bi-color flower. Do you like it? Ok, I'll throw in my newest turtle too, a periwinkle sea turtle with tattooed fins :)

Thanks for coming back! Leave a comment sometime to let me know who's actually reading this stuff, ok?