Sunday, June 12, 2011

Art for the Animals Auction: Bidding Ends June 21st!

As mentioned previously, we had the privilege of donating two pieces to this year's Art for the Animals auction at our local shelter.  We do this each year they have it, and are always glad when the pieces donated raise money to help fund their animal rescue and adoption efforts. :)

Here are the two pieces we sent in this year.  It's easy to bid on these or any of the other great art pieces donated if you want to support our Riverside County Dept. of Animal Services!  If you do, THANK YOU!!!
Black & White Spiral Turtle Necklace

Dragonfly Necklace
So whatever cause you choose to support, be it Beads of Courage, Breast Cancer Awareness, Alzheimer's Foundation, Feed the Poor, Humane Society, or even if you're undetermined, remember that a little support goes a long way.  Plus they always need volunteers at the animal shelters to help out with the critters, so check out volunteering locally if you've got the time to volunteer and haven't decided where yet.  A friend of mine encouraged her children for years by volunteering as a family, and her two children are now wonderful young adults that volunteer like it's second-nature. So look into it, you'll be glad you did! Have a great week! :)