Monday, May 18, 2009

Whew! Yesterday was the Escondido Street Faire, and boy was that fun! There were about 5 blocks of vendors, with folks on both sides and in the middle, and 2 streets intersecting the main fun with food booths. Paul ended up fetching several treats to keep us going all day, like iced coffee, fish tacos, you know, the important stuff :). I only stole away for about 2 minutes to see what I wanted for lunch, since we were right next to the food section smelling the delicious odors wafting over all morning/afternoon. It is a really well-organized event, and we likely be there in October for the next one. Great compliments and sales all day, with promising show information to keep us busy throughout the summertime. Overall it was a blast, and we were very glad to setup early and break down after the closing time. I think everyone really enjoyed the event, despite the heat wave around lunch time. Above is a photo Paul took of me once we were all ready and the sun was shining.

So what's next? We're considering a few shows like the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Art & Wine Festival and the Christmas in July at the Old Mission Montessori School in Oceanside. Thanks!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi! This is my first blog, so please check back often for new info and interesting stuff including tutorials, articles, and great new photos, definitely a worthwhile stop...

It was very warm today, bordering on hot. That reminds us that summer is here, especially in southern California. We usually see just the 2 seasons, winter and summer, and winter is most definitely over. Summer, however, is basically upon us. I'll be getting up nice and early to get some glass done before the heat of the days sets in, and I am excited. Summer brings about great inspirations as people flock to the beaches to swim, surf, picnic, and just enjoy the great contrast of heat and cool water. I love animals, and summer makes me especially enjoy sculpting ocean animals, like seahorses, turtles, octopi and fish. I also have some special beach beads I'll post on here, because those are so fun to look at. Photos above are my favorites from the warm weather so far. :)
Sorry to see spring go; besides having great hiking weather with interesting flower to stop and enjoy, it also brought me lots of inspiration for new glass items from the garden such as ladybugs, snails, lizards, flowers and even glass leaves. Oh, and I tried making glass tomatoes, which turned out suspiciously like apples... It was a good spring, but alas, we'll have to wait to enjoy spring again next year.
Between blogs, I'll be maintaining my Etsy shop, so please stop by there for available glass gifts and items, and thanks again for visiting :)
Patrice Shepherd,