Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back on the Juicing Wagon!

Since recent events have reminded us to get back onto the path of nutritious foodage, I was compelled to resume my juicing hobby today after working in the garden for a few hours.  No, I didn't grow these veggies, but they are the next best thing: from my local farmer's market and Goodwin's Organics market! :)
Cleaned veggies before juicing
I juiced almost all of this, the only thing different is I only used half that beet at the northwest corner of the shot, as you really have to be careful when starting out with beets.  Some folks get sick to their stomachs from too much, and although Paul and I have juiced them before, best not to risk it and only use half. 
This isn't a recipe from a website, but just what felt like the right ratio today.  I used:
  • about 15 carrots
  • half a beet
  • 3 stalks swiss chard
  • 3 leaves kale
  • 5 stalks celery
  • 2 apples
Yes, I omitted the ginger today because I forgot it until I was juicing, but that's OK.  It tastes fine without it, and it's not a huge batch anyway.  Before our vacation, Paul had juiced a large batch and we ended up wasting some of the liquid gold, so I'd rather start small at first to ensure none is wasted. Plus I used lots of carrot because it's delicious and again, I'm easing back into the greenish-brownish-brackish-water-looking-stuff we normally drink. :)

The end result was about 40+ ounces of delicious/nutritious juice (I drank some before photographing, sorry!), plus all this pulp.  The carrot pulp will become carrot-banana-coconut muffins later, and I'm undecided about what to do with the green pulp, maybe soup?  I juiced the carrots first so I could separate the pulp for the aforementioned muffins. :)  Off to sip some juice and have some tofu onion pepper curry I made last night. 

*Cheers: To being more healthy this year!!*