Friday, July 29, 2011

New Implosions and an Octopus!

Each week I get to do glass is really a different skill set.  Since we went on vacation and spent 2.5 weeks mostly in Seattle, WA, I am rested and excited to make new stuff.  Unfortunately, the clock is running out.  I have put off finishing my Bachelor's degree for too many years, and now that I have firmly decided my career path (hey, Business Admin. just wasn't my dream, ok? :P), I have to get my butt back in gear.  Therefore, this fall, I will hopefully be starting back up into my first class in years.  I'm de-prioritized for registration as I have been out for so long, but I'll pick from what's left over available-seat-wise if a few good classes are still open.  Wish me luck for getting into... drumroll please... Statistics!  Yes I know you're excited for me, right?

Anyway,  with my precious days and hours ticking down, it seems more and more imperative that I make new stuff and get to share it with all of you, as our fans have become friends, friends fans, and we're all just one big happy family now, right? :)  Without further ado, here are my newest pieces:

White Flower Implosion (on ArtFire)
This is one of my newest implosions, and you may very well know this is a tough technique.  You literally have to coax the glass into blooming for you, so I hope someone loves this flower someday! ;)

Black Octopus Pendant (on ArtFire)
We all love octopi, right?  These guys always make me smile, so hopefully we shared one today!
White and Blue Small Implosion Pendant
Last but not least another implosion, but smaller and with 1/3 the petals as the first one.  This one, however, has white petals that are blue on the back - no easy feat, I tell you.  Drop me a comment, otherwise I'll be back with more new goodies to share soon, as again, time is running out!  It will be more like a guilty pleasure to blog about glass once I have homework to do again.  Have a great Friday!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tide Pool Challenge! (Glass Art from the FD Group)

Right now the Fire Divas July challenge is going on, this month's theme being "Tide Pool." There are some really fantastic beads entered into this one, so you know us Fire Divas are excited.  Even though it's a bit of a competition each month we hold it, we are all glass fans at heart and love to see what everyone is up to in such a talented group.

Voting ends tomorrow! Please vote for your favorite entry on the right side of the Fire Divas blog and leave a comment there to be entered to win a $20 gift certificate from ME! Goodies that you can use the gift cert on can be found at Shepherd Creations ArtFire Studio! Please include your email address with your comment (does not have to show, I don't think) so that the Fire Divas group are able to notify you about your prize. :)

***You can find the poll to the right and at the top of the Fire Divas blog page***

You have to check out the blog to vote and qualify to win my $20 gift certificate, so what are you waiting for? Get over there! :)