Sunday, May 22, 2011

Custom Work Week

This week I had a rush custom order and one from last week, and both are FINISHED!!!  I know you guys know how good it feels to finish a project, and I'm enjoying that feeling right now about these two challenges.  First off, we have a custom project that involved three pendants, the hardest of which being a fancy citrus pendant.  It was designed by my customer, and it has an orange as the focus, an orange blossom above it, and two upwards-facing leaves.  Here are the final two that were delivered (forgive the background, I photo custom stuff on the kiln sometimes while it's fresh so I can email with my Droid :) ):

Lastly, we have this interesting challenge that was a thoughtful gift for one of my customer's children's teachers.  It is a purple bow pendant, with lots of color variety and my own personal style :).  Of course when we do custom requests, we can never make just one (unless we're REALLY feeling in the zone!), so here is my draft ribbon plus all the bows made for the final selection.  She chose hers and was really pleased when it made the teacher tear up Friday when she presented it to her.  Which one is your favorite?
So which one is it?  Can you also guess which one was chosen as the final bow pendant?


  1. I'd of chosen - crap - only one? How about the one at the lower right...these are really cool Patrice.

  2. hmmmm I will have to say the lower left but closely followed by the top left one :)

  3. Beautiful work Patrice!
    I would have chosen the lower left, followed by the lover right.