Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Earth Day, Easter, and Sunday Show-Off!

I'm a little late, but nonetheless: Happy Earth Day! Also, I'm just on time to say Happy Easter!  We're always celebrating nature and the earth around here, so I didn't feel that I had to show off my little planet earth pendants, but maybe another day :)

A new week, and finally new listings!  I've been pretty busy lately making spring goodies, and have barely had time online.  The big Mother's Day show is coming up next weekend, so I've been working on new designs too, some are firsts for me, and a few are with skills I've had to dust off, but you'll see them after the big show :)  Today's showing off includes new insects and a teal sea turtle:
First, a red and pink butterfly pendant:

Next, here's a cute yellow and black bumblebee pendant:

And for variety... A new teal tiger-striped sea turtle pendant!!:
They are all my babies, so it's hard to say which is my favorite, but you know me: I sure do love sea turtles :P    Have a great weekend, and remember to be kind to your Earth every day (I'm sure you already are!), and Happy Easter!

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