Sunday, October 10, 2010

Show Updates for the Fall of 2010

Wow, so we're slated to do eight (8!) shows this month. That's a lot for us, so expect to see me on here even less :P We're excited to be in that many shows and markets, and we need to bust out some new fresh designs to keep up with sales. I made some lovely new dragonflies recently, and those should be up here soon. Our pumpkins sold out, the vampire bat is still here, but not for long :)

The newest show in our schedule was yesterday, at the Riverside Canyon Crest Towne Centre Art Walk. We were among good company of other local artists with wood work, paintings, ceramics, prints, sculpted flowers, jewelry, and embroidery. Sorry if I missed anyone, Paul's tummy wasn't feeling well and I couldn't leave as often as I'd like to go visiting. It was a nice show day, and we enjoyed the weather, customers, and good lunch. Our glass art also had plenty of sunlight, and that always helps!

I had a few new custom orders that turned out well, including a set of dichroic hearts by Paul for earrings to match his previous pendant, and an Eastern Star from me for a nice young lady. Photos should hit our site soon, as that was rather tough to make a star.

The Riverside Certified Farmer's Market is still doing well, and it's full of vendors this month. Our loyal repeat customers (you know who you are! :) ) keep coming back and perusing our newest wares, oftentimes buying glass I've only just made the day before!

Well, this is only our second year of shows, but we're mighty excited to enter the second Christmas season for our glass, because it is so nice to hear someone say they are giving your handmade animals to someone else as a gift for Christmas. Nice enough to hear it's a birthday gift, but even better for Christmas. Thanks for the compliments, it's always nice to have your work appreciated :o).

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