Monday, October 25, 2010

Fire Divas Quarterly Jewelry Challenge: Holidays!

Ok, so many of you may already be aware that this awesome group of talented glassy ladies I belong to hosts a Jewelry Challenge quarterly... but did you know that voting ends tomorrow?  Go vote please!  Here is a link to the entries so you can see what to vote for: Fire Divas Holiday Jewelry Challenge Entries.  Recognize one of those beads?  I'm not saying you have to vote for that one, but please vote for your favorite holiday-inspired piece of jewelry art and help get the voting participation up.  If elected, that bead will... just be gorgeous.  No promises for tax breaks or anything! 

Here is a preview of the entries, but you have to visit the blog for better photos:

Ok, now that you've caught a glimpse of what's up for voting, go vote!  The winner gets to enjoy a shopping spree in the Fire Divas shops, details over in the Fire Divas blog :)  Thanks for voting! (I know you will :P )

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