Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Show-Off for March 6th, 2011

Today I have some new designs specially themed for this month's holiday, plus a new pendant that you'll usually find in my shop as a sculpture...

First we have this large shamrock/clover pendant.  It has a colorful green shamrock implosion in the center of it, which I think makes it very different from my usual clovers:
Large Implosion Center Green Shamrock Pendant (Listed on ArtFire)

Next up is a smaller clover/shamrock pendant, using mint green and a more silvery green as the actual little clover "painted" on with glass from behind:
Small Mint Green with Clover Pendant
Lastly is my newest crossover from sculpture to pendant category... this custom-made hummingbird pendant!  He's already found his new home by the sweet girl that special-ordered him, but I wanted to make sure he got his 15 minutes in the sun... hummingbirds like that ;)

Silvery Green with Yellow Accents Custom Hummingbird Pendant
Thanks for checking out my week's progress, and I'll see you back soon :)

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